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‘A shocking and meticulous description of how today a majority of all the assets held by US corporations in Europe are in the UK; how recent British Prime Minsters and Chancellors have sold out their country; and what has to be done to avoid a historic bankruptcy of Britain and take back control from the Americans’

Danny Dorling

‘What would it really mean to ’take back control’ of the British economy? In this fascinating and provocative book, Angus Hanton argues that we need to understand the hold US corporations over the UK’s economic prospects – and decide what to do about it’

Diane Coyle

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Times Radio

Polly Toynbee

‘Read this and you’ll never again have a high street coffee, switch on your computer – do virtually anything – without pausing, anxiously, to think about the suffocating extent of American corporate domination of our lives’

About the Author

Angus Hanton

Angus Hanton is a successful entrepreneur, investor and researcher. He’s also deeply engaged in public policy debate having co-founded the Intergenerational Foundation, a think-tank focused on the interests of younger generations. Fascinated by the growth and reach of corporate America he has spent several years studying its influence on the UK and other countries.

Based on his 40 years of business experience, devastating new research, and interviews with the major players, Angus Hanton exposes why Britain has become the poor transatlantic relation – and what we can do to change it.